The Momentus Project

The Momentus Project

I was recently lucky enough to participate in Evan Stremke’s Momentus Project, along side of some of my favorite designer/illustrators. The Momentus Project is “A collaborative effort in which a select group of designers, illustrators, and artists create visual interpretations of the most defining moments in United States history as a way of informing others of our proud, yet sometimes troubled and forgotten past.”

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend spending a few moments of your day checking out all of the great submissions & reflecting on our countries past. Big thanks to Evan for concepting & organizing such a worthy effort…

3 Responses to “The Momentus Project”

  1. Eric Blair Says:

    This is brilliant. Great job, Kendrick!
    I’ve been following The Momentus Project for a while, and there’s so much great talent on there.

    Are these really printed, or is that just Photoshop wizardry?

  2. kkidd Says:

    Thanks Eric! So far the texturing is just Photoshop magica… but, there’s talk of getting all the posters screened. I would loose my mind if this happens.

  3. Eric Blair Says:

    I would lose my wallet if that happened, haha. There’s so much amazing art coming out of all of these collaborative projects.